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The MITA XR-29 Smart Dose standards include new feature requirements to help CT users perform high-quality diagnostic imaging while managing radiation dose. The XR-29 release addresses these standards. Depending upon your current scanner version, Philips XR-29 software might include new additional features to enhance your workflow and imaging capabilities.

These free tutorial videos will help you get started using these new features. You will need to view these videos before using the software.

Brilliance XR-29 Release Comprehensive eLearning Tutorials

Note that the protocol conversion chapter does not apply to systems upgrading from 3.5.x to 3.6.7
To verify the software version you can contact your field service engineer.

Brilliance 3.6.7 Including NEMA

Learn about the features included in the NEMA XR-29 upgrade to the Brilliance family of scanners.

XR-29 What does it mean to you?

Introduction and an extremely important 10.5-minute video about the protocol conversion process.

Please note that the protocol conversion does not apply to systems upgrading from Version 3.5.x to 3.6.7.
If you are unsure of your previous software version please check with your Field Service Engineer.

XR-29 Protocol Conversion

An introduction to the protocol conversion for XR-29

XR-29 Q&A Protocol Conversion

Questions and answers to help you understand the new XR-29 protocol conversion

Short videos designed to aid in your understanding of the new Dose Tools and Dose Check feature.

Dose Check

A description of the new Dose Check features
Brilliance XR-29 Dose Check Components Video

Dose Tools

Brilliance 3.6.7 Dose Tools
Brilliance XR-29 Dose Tools Video


Zdom, how does it work?
Brilliance XR-29 ZDom Video

Dose Structured Report

What is a Dose Structured Report?
Brilliance XR-29 Dose Structured Report Video

Learn more about the MITA XR-29 Standards

The MITA XR-29 Smart Dose standards include four new feature requirements to help CT users perform high-quality diagnostic imaging while managing radiation dose:

  • DICOM Dose Structured Reporting – Recording of post-exam dose information in a standardized electronic format.
  • CT Dose Check – Dose notifications and dose alerts that notify operators and physicians when dose exceeds established thresholds.
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) – Automatically adjusts the amount of radiation used, based on the size, shape and composition of the patient.
  • Pediatric & Adult Reference Protocols – Pre-loaded protocols on the CT systems that serve as a baseline for a variety of clinical tasks.

Find out if your Philips CT scanner is XR-29 compliant.

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