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IntelliSpace PACS 4.4 Education

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Philips IntelliSpace PACS 4.4 education provides quick tips to compliment powerful enhanced clinical workflow training.

The free resources on this page will help you get started using your IntelliSpace PACS 4.4 software. Visit this page often to view additional basic and advanced software trainings as they become available.

IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise 4.4 Education Resources – What’s new?

Transfer Chunk Size

Provides an overview of transfer chunk size configuration.

Series Stacking

Provides an overview of series stacking.

Priors on the Outside

Demonstrates how to create hanging protocols with priors on the outside.

Monitor Layouts

Provides an overview of applying and changing monitor layouts.

Manual Hanging Panel Improvements

Demonstrates how to apply a flip or rotation from a hanging protocol.

Hanging Oldest Prior

Demonstrates how to hang the oldest prior.

Custom API Clipboard

Demonstrates the custom API Clipboard feature.

Flip Rotate from Hanging Protocol

Demonstrates how to apply a flip or rotation from a hanging protocol.

Patient Linking and Searching

Demonstrates patient linking and searching.

Enterprise Org

Demonstrates the Enterprise Org.

User Activity Log

Demonstrates how the User Activity Log captures a user’s actions.

Editing MRNs of Linked Patients

Demonstrates how to edit the MRNs of linked patients.

Creating Linked Patients

Demonstrates how to create linked patients.

Navigation Console Resizing

Demonstrates how to resize the Radiology Navigational console.

Patient Location Enhancement

Demonstrates the IS PACS enhancement for the Patient Information area.

User Tool Palette

Provides an overview of the user tool palette.

IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise 4.4 Education Resources - Overview

Patient lookup in IntelliSpace PACS

In the patient lookup screen you can use search criteria to lookup patients and see scheduled exams, report available or images.

Creating Filters

With the appropriate permissions, you can create a machine, system or user filter or worklist.

Creating Shortcuts

You can create, use, and delete shortcuts for your frequently used features and tools, such as My History, Personal Folders, or filters.

Exam Lookup

Search patient information using more specific search criteria, such as date range.

Finding Exceptions

Learn how to identify exceptions as well as become familiar with causes of exceptions. Know the different ways to find exceptions using filters.

Patient Lookup

Using the default search feature that allows you to search records by Patient Name, MRN, Date of Birth, and other data fields.

Viewing Images

Use IntelliSpace PACS to view exam images. Learn how to view and manage images and the various features that allow you to view information displayed on images.

IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise 4.4 Education Resources - User Preferences

Automatically Display Exam Notes

An important feature under General Preferences is to Automatically Display Exam Notes for unread main exams.

Display Key Image Stack

The Display Key Image Stack feature under General Preferences allows you to mark key images in a stack so that they are easy to find.

Display Preferences

Learn how to modify Display Preferences such as Screen Overlay Font Size, Cine Playback Resolution, and Magnifying Glass preference.

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Create or edit keyboard shortcuts under General Preferences.

Enhanced Mouse Functionality

Create mouse shortcuts under Mouse Scheme Options preferences in the User Preferences to save time and decrease complexity.

General Preferences and Timeline

Learn to customize your user environment such as create notifications and improve workflow.

Presentation States

Use Presentation States to change the way images are displayed such as the order in which they are displayed.

Rack Display

Create more room on your display, change display orientation, or modify the size of the images displayed by adjusting the Rack settings under General Preferences.

Window Width and Center Settings

Create a custom window that uses specific window width and center settings or modify window settings for an existing display.

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