Computed Tomography Education

Computed Tomography Education

Dedicated to fulfilling the diagnostic promise of
CT imaging

We can provide you with general healthcare education and specialized training on Philips Healthcare technology.

  • Learn to make the most of Philips technologies in a clinical setting – to help streamline workflow and enhance patient care.
  • Become proficient in clinical applications and elevate problem-solving skills via real-world case studies.
  • Reduce operational costs with reduced errors, exam times, and retakes.

Computed Tomography Education Focus Areas

Computed Tomography Events and Resources

Brilliance XR-29 Release Education

These videos will help you get started with the new features in this release. View them before using the equipment.

Learn more about the MITA XR-29 Standards

The MITA XR-29 Smart Dose standards include four new feature requirements to help CT users perform high-quality diagnostic imaging while managing radiation dose:

  • DICOM Dose Structured Reporting – Recording of post-exam dose information in a standardized electronic format.
  • CT Dose Check – Dose notifications and dose alerts that notify operators and physicians when dose exceeds established thresholds.
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) – Automatically adjusts the amount of radiation used, based on the size, shape and composition of the patient.
  • Pediatric & Adult Reference Protocols – Pre-loaded protocols on the CT systems that serve as a baseline for a variety of clinical tasks.

Find out if your Philips CT scanner is XR-29 compliant.

XR-29 Q and A sessions, Fridays 2- 3pm EST

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Dial +1 (408) 650-3123
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